DIY Wedding Hairstyle: Tying The Knot

There is something casually elegant about a loosely side-swept style that channels vintage romance. This twist on the classic side ponytail adds interest with the knotted texture, and can be adorned with a hairpiece or finished with face-framing ringlets. Best of all, it’s so simple it can be mastered by anyone (and even adapted to different hair lengths!)

The Supplies:
  • Bobby pins
  • Clear elastics (or black for dark hair)
The Steps:
  • Begin with dry, textured hair (we prefer beachy waves)
  • Putting your hair off to one side, take two sections of hair roughly 1-2″ wide, one from each opposite outside section of hair.
  • Cross one piece over the other and pull the tail of the overlapping piece up and through the space created (basically, tie a knot in the hair, pulling tight near the top, and letting the ends hang down with the rest of your hair.)
  • Pin this knot in place with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat with two more sections of hair from the outside. pin.
  • Repeat as desired for longer hair (we did three total) and for the final knot use all the remaining hair divided into two sections and knot them. pin.
  • Secure at the bottom of the final knot with an elastic.
  • For added volume and texture, tease the ponytail slightly.
  • Spray for hold.

You can add a clip, barrette or headband (or veil!) or leave for a natural look. we used this one.
Contributed by Wine Country Weddings DIY Contributor Alex Michael May.
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